Our Team

R3D Team

Change requires a clear vision, delivery capability and a mastery of related risks throughout the process. At R3D, we recruit top talent and encourage initiative in our day-to-day operations. Our resources are a key part of our business mission. We are committed to changing the high-tech world and satisfying our clients, drawing on our team of advisory, management and IT specialists.

Expertise is front and centre at R3D

Expertise is one of our four guiding principles . We value knowledge and continuous improvement. We use market-recognized practices, such as agility, DevOps, continuous development and integration, software engineering and key reference frameworks (PMI, COBIT, IIBA and SAFE). We are adept at selecting the right resources and harnessing state-of-the-art technology to bring the biggest projects to a successful completion.

Freedom of action is essential

We work alongside partners with cutting-edge business practices; obviously, they include industry giants such as Google or Microsoft. Nevertheless, we ensure that the recommendations we make are never influenced by our partnership agreements. At R3D, our advisors’ freedom of action is essential and unrestricted.

Remaining at the forefront with R&D

When a company operates in a highly specialized sector such as business performance, challenging old ideas and established practices becomes second nature. At R3D, we decided to do so backed by tried-and-true methods and tools validated by trusted stakeholders around the globe. Our R&D processes are designed to provide you with better service while remaining at the forefront.

Verified quality

R3D is also recognized for its quality assurance process. We measure, assess and monitor the quality of the services we deliver in all of our branch offices worldwide. These activities are carried out in line with established international standards and benchmarks. In Canada, our operations are subject to a certified quality management system. When you take delivery, our projects are sure to meet your expectations!

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