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R3D’s Offer

For many years now, R3D Consulting’s teams have been coaching large services firms as they make rational, innovative decisions about human capital and the optimized management of business processes. The decision making process is, above all, based on a rigorous and pragmatic analysis of the needs related to the objectives being pursued.

R3D’s specialists are very familiar with the “ins and outs” of the service industry. Their expertise in process design and solution selection to improve business efficiency makes them active and motivating partners for implementing changes and facilitating their integration into the business. They consider it very important to develop a professional environment for assignment management, recruitment and time management.

R3D Digital identifies and deploys only the most effective collaborative work tools: from internal Wikis to corporate social networks. Whether they are working on the integration of a major Buy solution or the design of custom software, R3D’s experts deliver what is needed, never forgetting the technological compatibility of the infrastructure with the proposed solutions.

From strategic thinking to the successful application of adopted strategies, R3D’s specialists provide complete support and commit fully to achieving the objectives.

Strategies and governance

Using a collaborative approach, R3D’s specialists suggest strategies tailored to the needs of services firms and have the operational knowledge needed to coach them as they take on increasingly competitive markets.

  • Business models tailored to the change service market
  • Strategic plans
  • Governance models
  • Assessment of leadership and management teams

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Business transformation

In a situation where an organization’s key asset is its human capital, R3D bases its business transformation activities on three key elements:

  • Motivation of professionals: change management coaching and staff training
  • Transformation of business processes within the organization
  • Adoption by employees of the most relevant IT solutions

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 Project management

R3D’s experts propose proven, custom approaches to help drive your success. Whether they involve creating a project management office (PMO), transferring knowledge or delivering training, they give you the advantage of their experience in the field to optimize your project ROI.

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 Digital Solutions

R3D’s mixed team of IT experts, business analysts, communication consultants and change management specialists use rigorous approach for finding the best fit solution for your needs.

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R3D creatively coaches services firms with their business transformations and helps them realize their ambitions.  Some examples of how we can contribute to your success:

  • Improvement of business functions related to billing and time management
  • Optimization of recruitment and assignment processes
  • Expertise enhancement and professional development
  • Organization of the firm’s knowledge and transfer of skills
  • Improvement of the process for producing quality bids
  • More effective management of professionals’ and consultants’ resumes