Public Services


Adapting to a changing reality

In terms of human resources, services firms are now facing challenges that did not exist even a few years ago. Demographic changes, including the shrinking active population, are already affecting the service industry, especially in terms of recruitment, staff retention, continuing education and succession planning.

Another important issue, competition from transitory companies – often coming from emerging countries where salaries are lower – is forcing services firms to optimize their performance to protect their productivity while maintaining the superior quality of their services.

The main asset of services firms is human capital, thus the importance of properly managing individuals and the related business functions. Productivity gains are realized by, among other things, investing in process improvement, integrating technology solutions, providing training and continuously building expertise. Resource recruitment, mobilization and retention are major challenges. Services firms must also deal with administrative issues, such as CVs and bids, as well as time management (timecards and billing), collection and assignments.

The other key asset of services firms is the all knowledge they have acquired in their sector. Managing and transmitting that knowledge are crucial to ensuring the sustainability and use of the knowledge, know-how and people skills specific to each organization. Methods, approaches, experience, lessons learned and deliverables must be documented to build employee skills and prepare for future challenges.

R3D’s advantages

R3D creatively coaches services firms with their business transformations and helps them realize their ambitions. Some examples of how we can contribute to your success:

  • Improvement of business functions related to billing and time management
  • Optimization of recruitment and assignment processes
  • Expertise enhancement and professional development
  • Organization of the firm’s knowledge and transfer of skills
  • Improvement of the process for producing quality bids
  • More effective management of professionals’ and consultants’ CVs