Public Infrastructures

R3D’s overall approach to public infrastructure management

R3D is completely independent to designers and builders of public infrastructure works, which makes them ideally positioned to advise and guide their clients throughout the infrastructure project analysis, planning and development cycles.

R3D’s services also include planning and commissioning, coupled with maintenance and operation planning, so the infrastructure can be exploited to its fullest throughout its useful life. Its consultants thus become valuable allies whose scope of activities focuses only on the interests of clients. Moreover, R3D’s experts can provide management support services to deal with the different contexts found on the periphery of conducting major infrastructure projects.

R3D’s team

R3D’s team is made up of professionals who have devoted their entire career to public infrastructures and construction. This team of experts is backed by many R3D resources specializing in complementary areas such as:

  • Large project governance
  • Organizational transformation
  • Financial management and expense tracking
  • Change management
  • Risk management
  • Value management
  • Partnership management
  • Supply and contract management
  • Environmental management
  • Administrative support

Management support for infrastructure projects including commissioning:

  • Preliminary analysis of needs and requirements definition
  • Project management
  • Project development strategies
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Cost estimation and assessment of value of work
  • Quality assurance
  • Value analysis
  • Financial analysis and project risk assessment
  • Due diligence reviews
  • Bid preparation for client
  • Supply management
  • Health, safety and environmental (HSE) management
  • Commissioning and operating plan

Support for organizational and project governance:

  • Change management
  • Organizational governance
  • Project governance
  • Coaching of organizational transformation
  • Management support

Excluded services:

  • Infrastructure design
  • Work monitoring
  • Technical expertise
  • Construction work