Public Administration

R3D’s Offer

Thanks to its qualified multidisciplinary teams, R3D can give the public and parapublic sectors complete services “from concept to user”. Their specialists cover all the dimensions involved in transformation initiatives.

Whether the issues are related to governance, business transformation, project management or the selection and implementation of advanced technologies, R3D’s experts have a reputation for their extensive knowledge of public administration and their dedication to delivering successful transformation projects.

Strategies and governance

R3D’s experts can coach directors in the public and parapublic sectors in their plans of transforming the delivery of public services.

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Business transformation

Transforming public services results in new ways of doing things, the implementation of new services or the merger of existing agencies or services. R3D’s business transformation specialists can help you reach your target, from initial concept through to final transformation. Their activities may include:

  • Designing strategic proposals or business cases (business objectives, resources, processes, work organization, change management, innovation, technologies, etc.)
  • Defining the enterprise architecture, where activities are broken down into “services”
  • Harmonizing “business/information resources” to optimize investments and assure solution quality and sustainability
  • Modernization and optimization of business processes and applications in step with stated business needs
  • Management and approval of change to secure the results and control the impacts of a change on other services or partners
  • Management by project in order to move closer to the anticipated results and ensure compliance with established strategies
  • Implementation of a step-by-step approach to mitigate the risks and impacts of the change

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Project management

Projects involving modernization initiatives, legislative changes or reorganizations in the public sector require solid project management and program management expertise. The interweaving of many projects, the integration of laws and government rules and the amount of public funds devoted to them increase complexity and the degree of difficulty.  R3D proposes the following:

  • Assessment of the maturity of internal project management teams
  • Definition of a custom project management framework, project portfolio management framework and project governance framework
  • Implementation of a training plan to upgrade project management knowledge and skills
  • Coaching with project development in order to influence internal teams to adopt a “project management” mode
  • Transfer of knowledge and toolkits to make project teams and public bodies independent
  • Creation of a project or program management office to retain control of project scope, deadlines, risks and value
  • Project audits, recommendations and action plan to optimize their results

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Digital Solutions

The implementation and use of emerging technologies is an inescapable factor in the success of information and communication management in the public sector. Mobile applications, especially, are playing a greater role in reconciling public services with the expectations of citizens and enterprises. R3D’s specialists ensure that solutions chosen are relevant in terms of performance and easy access to information, in a secure environment.

They advise managers and directors of public bodies as they conduct the different phases of projects to build business solutions for information, technology infrastructure and telecommunications.

  • Definition of IT directions and technology infrastructure and assessment of strategies taking into account existing assets, tools and solutions
  • Analysis and selection of best fit solutions for business objectives, financing and recommendations
  • Development of an IT management framework (governance, scheduling and control, security, backup, etc.) supporting tangible results in line with business objectives
  • Direction of projects to build government telecommunications networks (project office management, transfer of clienteles to new network, validation of compliance, management of transfer into operations)
  • Design of technology and telecommunications architecture
  • Implementation, deployment and governance of technology and telecommunications infrastructure projects
  • Oversight of security and change management
  • Support for transition and coaching of major suppliers

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Here is an overview of the multidisciplinary services provided by R3D’s public and parapublic sector specialists:

  • Strategic thinking about transforming the operation of the machinery of government and associated agencies
  • Advice on “value creation” via improved service delivery supported by IT
  • Implementation of ways and means that support service consistency, transparency, knowledge transfer and protection of the government’s image
  • Optimization of business processes to harmonize operations and information resources in order to strengthen control over costs and improve efficiency
  • Consulting services regarding alignment among strategic issues, the nature of projects implemented and respect for legal and regulatory frameworks
  • Reduction of the impact of change and inherent risks via the application of business best practices and proven management principles
  • Greater accessibility to services for all citizens and enterprises in a secure, transparent framework