Project Management

R3D offers a range of complete, complementary services in project management, as well as program, portfolio and in change management. As well, R3D’s project management practice is a strong foundation for the consulting firm, driving its growth and the ongoing enhancement of its service offering.

Organizations conduct all kinds of projects, often involving new technologies: reorganization, new ways of serving internal or external clienteles more effectively, productivity improvement, human resource management (HRM), etc. Regardless of their nature, all those projects have the goal of helping achieve the business objectives underpinning the company’s key concerns: sustainability and growth. The impact those projects have on your company’s success unquestionably hinges on the quality of project management.


Making your ambitions real

Technological expertise and unique business savvy

R3D’s specialists are familiar with complex, large-scale transformation projects. While exercising tight control over the usual project parameters (time, content and cost), they blend strong technical skills with a true grasp of the playing field and unique “business savvy”, placing them in a position to advise you intelligently, especially concerning the relevance and feasibility of projects related to your business objectives.

R3D always tells it like it is. Only cost-effective projects that contribute to your business objectives should be making use of your resources. R3D doesn’t cut-and-paste or use a cookie-cutter approach; it leverages the skills and judgment of its experts and the professionals in your organization.

True commitment

As members of a dedicated community of practice, R3D’s specialists share their experience, disseminate their knowledge via a dynamic support network, and incorporate their collective know-how into structured repositories. R&D activities are what keep that know-how at the forefront and make it possible to adopt innovative ways of doing things—so crucial to successful project management. This approach sets R3D apart, making it a consulting firm that is much appreciated and sought-after by high-profile organizations with global operations.

As an active player in training and knowledge transfer, R3D Consulting has been reviewed and approved as a Registered Education Provider program (R.E.P) by the Project Management Institute (PMI®). R3D can also draw on a large pool of PMP® (Project Management Professional) project managers certified by the PMI®. Since it is a training organization subject to quality assurance requirements from the PMI and it is recognized by Emploi-Québec, R3D constantly invests in the ongoing training of its professionals.

PMI and PMP are registered trademarks of the Project Management Institute Inc.

Comprehensive project management services:

  • Validation of project relevance in step with business vision and objectives (viability, bottom line, impact on growth and service offering, etc.)
  • Help with decisions about the viability and cost-effectiveness of one or more projects (new objectives, market transformation, changing situation, etc.)
  • Implementation of required management frameworks (structures, processes, yardsticks, checklists, methods and tools, best practices, etc.) and the best ways of working (including, for example, the Agile approach)
  • Stringent project management during all phases (delivery schedule, costs, communication and reporting mechanisms, etc.) and reduction of inherent risks
  • Implementation of the electronic project management office (e-PMO), knowledge transfer and support for resources
  • Project/program/portfolio management training services
  • Assignment of specialists capable of managing the delivery of expected benefits