IT Function

IT Management and Productivity

In any transformation project having an impact on customers, operations, systems and technological environment, stakes are major; nothing must be left to chance. R3D’s approach is this one: bring an overview of technologies and essential modes of functioning in comprehension, in assertion and in working of the computer systems, which support plans and services of a firm.

IT Governance

  • IT’s strategic plan
  • IT performance assessment and benchmarking
  • Stakeholder relationship management (clients, vendors, partners and Senior Management)

IT Management

  • IT Management framework
  • Methodology consulting
  • Skill and knowledge management
  • IT Financial management
  • Development and Operations relationship management
  • IT hardware and software asset management

IT Solutions

  • Pre-launch feasibility study
  • Preliminary analysis
  • System architecture
  • Solutions development, from beginning to end
  • System integration
  • COTS selection (ERP, CRM, etc.)
  • IT Solution quality assurance

IT Operations

  • Operations management framework
  • Security management framework
  • Technical architecture
  • Security architecture
  • Technology strategy (comparative study, selection, technological advice)
  • Technological risk assessment and management

R3D's goal

Insuring the perfect integration of components guarantees business strategy’s success.

A global approach!