R3D’s Offer

R3D’s teams of finance and insurance experts have to their credit the delivery of major projects allowing prominent organizations to review and fine tune their activities based on their business objectives. More than 150 seasoned professionals make up its team that serves large banking institutions and cooperatives, both in Canada and internationally.

R3D’s understanding of the technology needed for finance and insurance makes us partners of choice for companies redefining their services around consumers moving to emerging technologies.

R3D  has an offshore team based in Vietnam – which helps maintain a competitive edge. The formation of partnerships in major global centers is strengthening R3D’s contribution by giving it a solid understanding of specific markets.

Digital Solutions

R3D Digital  uses the most effective technologies to build mobile applications in response to consumer expectations. Its team, which combines experts from the finance sector, mobile development professionals and business analysts can understand the security issues and design top notch solutions for the needs of various target audiences.

  • Development of secure mobile applications (Apple, Android, Microsoft)
  • Geolocation, transactional application, mobile portal, etc.
  • Mobile-driven loyalty strategy
  • Mobile payment (E-Wallet)
  • Web site design, construction and optimization
  • Intranet and Internet sites
  • Informational and transactional sites
  • Collaboration tools
  • Implementation of IT expertise centers
  • Development of local expertise, implementation of competency centers, knowledge transfer
  • Client coaching

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Project management

Given its considerable experience conducting projects in the finance sector, R3D offers proven approaches and a true guarantee of success. Its ressources put the full weight of their project management skills behind you to optimize the major investments involved in conducting such projects.

  • Program management
  • Project management
  • Local and offshore turnkey project development
  • Business system modernization and integration
  • Implementation of “merchant-buyer” platforms
  • EMV project: implementation of EMV standards and migration

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R3D’s strategic support takes several forms:

  • Identify new business opportunities (standards, rules, multiservice collaboration, mobility, etc.)
  • Analyze technological needs and prepare a strategic plan
  • Implement the processes needed by financial regulatory frameworks (Basil and FATCA)
  • Sustain profitability and growth in step with the evolving regulatory environment
  • Design, integrate and deploy innovative, efficient technology solutions;
  • Develop information system management tools