Distribution & Retail

R3D’s offer

R3D’s retail and distribution specialists have in-depth knowledge of all the steps involved in achieving the business objectives of firms in this sector. They leverage their expertise and understanding of the issues and operations of businesses seeking carve out a reputation in a very competitive marketplace. In serving companies with global operations, they know that the issues are not just economic, they are also cultural and related to the many different ways business is conducted from one country to another.

R3D’s professionals have all the required certifications and can draw on proven bodies of knowledge, internal practice committees and the results of R&D activities conducted by R3D working with some of its clients.

Solutions available to retail and distribution organizations:

Strategies and Governance

Retail and distribution firms must quickly redesign their business model and adjust their vision if they want to grow and survive. They have to do that by innovating and optimizing all existing processes.

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Business Transformation

Current trends are forcing retailers and distributes to revamp their operations and processes related to procurement, warehousing, sales, order processing, shipping and customer service. They must also optimize the supply chain, from suppliers through to consumers, and build a unique, friendly relationship with their clienteles in order to improve the buying experience and customer loyalty.

  • Change management
  • Benefits management
  • Process improvement
  • Leadership support

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Project management

Retailers and distributors conduct a number of large complex projects to achieve their business objectives. The success of those projects depends mostly on how well they are managed, from proposal through post-implementation report.

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Digital Solutions

In the retail and distribution sector, information technology and mobile solutions are revolutionizing the entire supply chain, information management and the way customer relations are managed.  R3D Digital’s professionals have advanced expertise in mobility and e-commerce.

  • Mobile application development (Apple, Android, Windows Mobile, Web Mobile)
  • IT development and integration
  • Collaboration tools
  • E-commerce

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SAP Services

R3D’s SAP experts have exhibited their considerable skills in deploying SAP solutions for a variety of retail and distribution firms. They can make a difference in all business processes or even during a more specific project.

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What can R3D do for you?

  • Pinpoint the new global marketplace, understand its rules and trends perfectly
  • Identify business opportunities and ways of doing things to stand out from even the most productive businesses
  • Reinvent a new business model in response to changes and stimulate leadership
  • Establish paths leading to the full satisfaction of extremely in-demand and demanding clienteles