Digital Enterprise

Today’s companies are either facing or are already undergoing radical changes because of the digital explosion.  The convergence of mobility, cloud computing, analytics and big data is no longer a concept, but very much a reality: this digital evolution opens up possibilities, new processes or business models that were not possible until now.

The R3D Digital Enterprise Practice will work with you to develop the best-fit digital strategies for your business context.  First, we assist you in defining your digital strategy and roadmap, taking in consideration where your business stands today.  Next, we assist you also with developing and executing a plan of action to make it a reality.

Based on our experience, most digital enterprise roadmaps involve a significant amount of work in order to integrate a multitude of technologies and platforms.  R3D can assist you with every aspect of your transition.

R3D is uniquely positioned to leverage highly experienced consultants from our various practices in order to provide the highest quality Digital Enterprise solutions and to meet your business requirements.

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Digital Enterprise Services Offering

Consulting Services that include:

  • Gap analysis for your corporation’s current digital footprint;
  • Assisting you in developing your digital roadmap;
  • Driving requirements for Digital Enterprise transformations;
  • Solution architecture for Digital Enterprise transformations;
  • Process optimization, business transformation, change management including Mobile concepts;
  • Global Template delivery for Digital Enterprise transformations.

We can :

  • Manage your Digital Enterprise program or specific projects/components;
  • Assist in your Digital Enterprise transformations;
  • Perform project health checks and assessments;
  • Provide expertise for an assessment of your Digital Readiness.