R3D Digital Development Studio

The Studio specializes in using the Agile method to develop:

  • Web solutions (Java/ JEE, .NET, REST, JSon, SOA, etc.)
  • Mobile applications (iOS, Android, HTML5, CSS3, Cordova, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, etc.)
  • Application updates.

The R3D digital development Studio is a dedicated workplace:

  • 100 workstations on two floors, concentrated in Montréal, with room to expand;
  • Physically secure;
  • Fully set up for Agile development (open spaces, soundproof Scrum rooms, chalkboard paint walls, etc.);
  • We are also present in Quebec city, Vietnam and Mexico.

logo Digital EN

An advanced software engineering infrastructure:

  • Use of Scrum and Kanban approaches;
  • Complete development ecosystem, optimizing product code quality and supporting the automation of development work and testing;
  • Management tools (Atlassian-Jira and JIRA Agile) accessible to our clients via the Web;
  • Collaboration and documentation tools (Confluence) accessible to our clients via the Web.

A place for working collaboratively with our clients

  • Our clients can not only access the Studio for monitoring and management purposes, they can assign their own resources to it for continuous periods to participate actively in the development work.

An outstanding team:

  • Trained, certified, supervised permanent employees;
  • Scrum Masters, UI/UX, architects, analysts, developers and testers.

Solid benefits for our clients:

  • Committed to results;
  • Lower net development cost cycle;
  • Improved product code quality;
  • Transparent management;
  • Organizational transformation agent for our clients.

Our services

  • IT Development: Java and .Net
  • Mobile development : IOS, Android and Windows.
  • Integration: CMS and CRM
  • Analysis; Business and Fonctional
  • Quality software
  • Design: UI and UX