Give Your Career a Boost!

Working at R3D means working for a global leader known for its ability to innovate and constantly exceed its clients’ expectations.

At R3D, quality of life for its employees and a strong sense of belonging are the pillars of its corporate culture. Respect for the individual, flexibility, training and the desire to demonstrate creativity and ingenuity in finding solutions are integral parts of its corporate culture.

As a responsible employer, R3D creatively strive to give everyone the best workplace possible.

In 2012, R3D was named “Employer of the Year” by the Ordre des CMA du Québec – Section de Québec.

You grow with R3D!

Why work at R3D?

  • For its corporate culture and its optimal working environment
  • To advance your career and develop your skills
  • To experience stimulating assignments
  • For its competitive working conditions
  • To work for a socially responsible company

R3D's Values

  • Success is measured in satisfied clients
  • R3D’s employees are its greatest asset
  • Quality and innovation are the best guarantees of long-term success

Employees are R3D’s most important asset

R3D participates in its employees’ success by providing a high-end, regularly updated value proposition. Its employees constantly strive to enhance their knowledge so they are agile enough to adapt to unpredictable market movements and constantly increasing client needs.