Business Transformation

Business transformation and technology support are crucial elements in quickly satisfying your clients’ constantly changing requirements and building your reputation in the market as a business leader. In line with your business strategy, enterprise transformation is a discipline in its own right that follows its own rules and requires a unique type of know-how – something R3D can provide.

To support your vision, R3D’s consultants will help you redefine your business model (as needed), your technology architecture and the related commercial goals by implementing your transformation (business or technology), including the key perspectives of performance, profitability and sustainability – elements that define your market value and appeal to investors

Business changes often involve optimizing processes or new technology solutions (ERP, SAP or others) and implementing them, just as in a management transformation. Such elements tend to be disruptive to the organization.

The business or technology solutions available from R3D will support you to that effect from beginning to end while supporting your new business goals and sustaining a pleasant workplace, built around trust and nonstop productivity, even during periods of change!

R3D is your added value in those periods of constant transformation or change. R3D puts in place winning conditions that drive motivation and ownership of the changes at all levels, and delivering measurable results is their top priority in everything they do.

R3D’s approach is based on experience gained “on the ground”, supported by their experts’ specialized skills in various business sectors, such as public or private utilities, aerospace, banking, mining, retail sales, production or shipping, and on various types of projects, especially those involving:

  • Business model redesign
  • Strategic planning and business planning (with integration of performance indicators into your performance management program)
  • Enterprise acquisition and integration
  • Optimization of IT Support, Finance and HR business lines
  • Business process redesign or ITIL
  • Major technological deployments: SAP, ERP, CRM or HR software
  • Implementation of a change management practice as an integral part of companies’ project management offices
  • Training for managers:
    • Motivational behavior during periods of change
    • Managing resistance
    • Making a change within your own group
    • Managing by process

The integrated approach that R3D's teams of experts use resides on four key principles:

  • Collaboration with its clients
  • Speed of execution
  • Maintenance of operational productivity
  • Sustainable change

Think | Implement| Realize

Custom services to support you in all phases of your transformation:

  • Assessment of current vs. desired situation
  • Diagnostic and analysis of optimization opportunities and business or IT solutions
  • Assessment of productivity and profitability of your processes (business or IT, such as ITIL)
  • Identification and integration of performance indicators aligned with your business objectives and HR programs
  • Optimization of your support lines: IT, Finance and HR
  • Integrated implementation plan, assuring you a comprehensive view of and control over all facets of your transformation (business or technology)
  • Creation of a competency center in your organization
  • Integration of a change management practice in your project management office
  • Training of your managers during periods of change
  • Project to document your processes
  • Training of your managers during periods of change
  • Assessment and implementation of specific aspects; for example, employee motivation, change of culture or leadership