Atlassian Products Integration

Atlassian Products

The R3D Atlassian Practice is your partner for all Atlassian applications.

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Atlassian software

Atlassian is an Australian software company that specializes in team collaboration software. They are the company behind popular software like the JIRA Issue Tracker and the Confluence knowledge base.

Your Atlassian experts

The R3D Atlassian Practice has deep expertise on all Atlassian software and can help you with any kind of project. R3D has been part of the Atlassian experts’ network of partners since 2007.

Business Processes visibility

Finally get visibility for your business requests and the work your teams do. From business process definition, through the implementation of automated reminders, to the configuration of your dashboards, you will be able to assign tasks and track their progress in real time.

Training and coaching

R3D’s experts provide custom training in the use and administration of Atlassian products. Learn about best practices and the pitfalls to avoid so you can rapidly become experts in turn, capable of training your colleagues.

Installation, transfer, consolidation

Access R3D’s expertise to do an installation tailored to your objectives, capable of growing with your needs; it has over a hundred installations of all sizes to its credit. R3D has also done several transfers, whether from one server to another or even to the Cloud.

Plug-in development

To meet your particular needs, we can develop additional modules that will add new functions or improve existing ones in the Atlassian tools.