R3D’s Team

R3D’s greatest strength is in the talent, in the ability to innovate and in the commitment of its 400 management and IT consulting specialists. They are proof of their willingness to ensure that their clients are completely satisfied. R3D is fully aware that change requires a clear vision, an ability to act and an absolute control throughout its development.

Cutting edge expertise

R3D specialists are proficient in the most expedient methods and the best practices recognized by the industry (CMM, CSI, ISO, ITIL, PMI, SEI, SAP, etc.). All our specialists at R3D strive to build their knowledge and constantly improve their practices and know-how, so they remain at the forefront of emerging technologies and innovative business practices.

Freedom to act

R3D always recommends solutions best suited to the needs of each of its clients. R3D’s partnerships attest to its consultants’ high level of expertise and in no way impede its freedom to act.

Research and development

R3D works closely with its clients to develop reliable, innovative methods and tools, validated by credible clients operating on a global scale.


R3D measures, assesses and monitors the quality of the services provided by its teams around the world. That validation is underpinned by recognized international standards and benchmarking activities. Its Montreal and Quebec City offices use an ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system.