Over the years, R3D’s founding principles and values have remained steadfast. They are the guidelines that direct its team members in their day-to-day assignments:

  • The complete satisfaction of every one of their clients is the most accurate measurement of R3D’s success.
  • R3D’s personnel constitutes our greatest asset.
  • Innovation and the irreproachable quality of its services have proven to be the best guarantees of R3D’s on-going success.

Our commitment to ethics

R3D Consulting is committed to adhering to the highest standards of ethics and business integrity and this shines through in everything it does.

R3D partners with organizations that are committed to ethical behavior as governed by its program.

R3D Consulting adopted a formal declaration of a business ethics code, which results in its core values. Its collaborative culture is defined by corporate integrity, diversity and inclusion, and a strong sense of customer service and community. R3D’s employees are expected to know and operate in all core values.

By codifying its commitment to integrity and other values, R3D has focused on the culture and ethics, which are growing values.

R3D’s approach

R3D Consulting coaches corporations as well as public and parapublic administrations with their business transformations, the implementation of their e-business solutions and the management of their major information technology investment projects.

R3D’s approach is based on collaboration and excellence. Above all, its team listens to the clients to properly understand their needs so it can respond on the ground with optimal effectiveness and successfully deliver the many projects entrusted to them by their clients, which are businesses and organizations around the world.

All R3D’s specialists, who are experts in their field, demonstrate both creativity and discipline. They are familiar with best practices in all the phases of their job. Far from fearing change, R3D’s senior management anticipates it and manages it diligently.

R3D’s teams operate out of offices in North America (Canada, US, Mexico), Europe (France) and Latin America (Brazil).

R3D’s three key assets

R3D is known for its practical blending of knowledge, know-how and people skills.

These three fundamentals, ever present and constantly evolving, drive the creation of new concepts and help grow R3D’s collective assets.


R3D’s bodies of knowledge and professional practices rely on the understanding of concepts and standards established by recognized, independent international organizations that are authorities in their respective fields (CMM, CSI, ISO, ITIL PMI, SEI, etc.). This understanding is constantly being refreshed by R&I work or even by R3D’s communities of practice which, always up on the latest advances, ensure the development of its bodies of knowledge. The bodies of knowledge support all client engagements and apply to business program management, project management and information technology management.


R3D draws on both individual capabilities and the highly diversified expertise of its consultants, who, together, represent an average of over 20 years of experience each. This know-how, acquired while becoming proficient in and applying industry best practices and standards on projects, is being constantly enhanced by the sharing of expertise, which complements the consultants’ supervision and training. All this know-how is preserved in R3D’s bodies of knowledge and contributes to the overall improvement of the practices, thereby guaranteeing the highest level of expertise in the marketplace.

Each of R3D’s consultants considers the company’s bodies of knowledge and know-how a source they can constantly draw on to remain at the cutting edge of the latest developments in business program management, project management and information technology management.

People skills

R3D defines people skills as a set of moral and ethical values and qualities such as professionalism, and communication and negotiating skills. They also include the set of personal skills R3D’s consultants use to adapt to the wide variety of contexts and content.

R3D's mission

Providing consulting services in management and information technologies to help clients improve their performance by better aligning business and technology.

R3D's emotional intelligence

Above and beyond competence and innovation, R3D has successfully established a corporate culture that places priority on people: its clients, its employees and its collaborators.

R3D's commitment to objectivity

R3D is proud of the objectivity with which it advises its customers. It is totally independent of any manufacturer, publisher or distributor of IT solutions.