The power to transform, evolve and overcome challenges—driven by a good dose of courage.
At R3D, it’s how we move forward.
Grasping the client’s vision and business goals. Rightly choosing the most appropriate solutions.
These are the tools that R3D uses to bring its clients closer to success.
To be a good partner that is easy to work with.
Indisputable values inherent to R3D.

For 2013, R3D has been ranked 54th in the “Top 250 Canadian ICT Company” category by Branham, as well as being ranked 16th in the “Top 25 Canadian Professional Services Company”, a move forward of three position from last year’s ranking at position 19th. The 2014 Edition of the Branham300 marks the 21st year of [...]...

Our primary motivation:


From 1996, R3D Consulting has demonstrated a high level of competence in advising and supporting the leaders of private and public organizations in business transformation. We work with you to identify solutions. We initiate and deliver projects that allow you to progress in the right direction and achieve your ambitions.

Strategies and governance

Our elite team has an impressive international track record. Each member contributes an influential worldwide network and hands-on knowledge of issues and business practices—indispensible credentials for advising upper management!

Business transformation

At R3D, we see business transformation as a completely separate discipline—one that calls for multidisciplinary skills. Our specialists offer personalized support and their recipe for achieving results includes three ingredients: speed of execution, total motivation, and obsession with results.

Project management

It is our project management specialists who have earned R3D its reputation. They are renowned for their extensive field experience, their tactical expertise and a business awareness that ensures the complete success of an organization’s projects—a necessary requisite for achieving business objectives.

R3D Consulting is an internationally successful firm specializing in management consulting and information technology. With more than 700 specialists located in at least 10 countries in Europe, North Africa and the Americas, we offer services to a variety of cultures in a variety of languages.